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I'm a coder-opera-singing-new-dad passionate about building beautiful and functional websites and web applications.


I use HTML, CSS, JS and other frameworks to develop responsive, engaging and fully customized web designs and applications.

The Web

The web is an awesome place. It's vast, dynamic, intriguing and your business deserves a great spot in it.

About Me

I'm currently having the time of my life working at The Iron Yard. I am one of the Front-end and Back-end Content Curriculum Developers. This means I get to write the materials the professors use to teach. No only this position gives me a change to develop content and apps, but it forces me to stay up to date with all the latest techs. It also gives me a chance to dive into the back-end world, which is pretty awesome!

Being a front-end engineer is not just about great coding skills, but it is very much the culmination of many other skill sets that enable one to create solutions to complex challenges.

I'm originally from Argentina and I grew up in South Carolina, so I'm a double Southerner of sorts. Coding is what I do and creating great looking, responsive and functional websites and apps is what I'm passionate about. I’m detail oriented and like to keep things simple and efficient in order to provide the best user experience possible, no matter the platform. From a stylish landing page to a CRUD web application, I do it all using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Redux, Backbone and more.

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I was my parents' worst nightmare. I used to take everything apart, especially if it was something electronic. Getting to see what made these things tick and dreaming of creating them kept me up at night. Eventually, I bought my first Compaq Presario tower (remember those?) and I took it apart, I just had to see how it all worked. Then, of course, the Internet. Even in its rudimentary stage back in the mid-90s, the Internet mesmerized me. From here my curiosity got me tinkering with HTML and my first table-looking gif-animated website.

Eventually, my journey took me on numerous roads. A huge part of my life revolves around music. I spent a good portion in my life on stage performing opera throughout the East Coast. Most recently I performed the role of Jean Valjean in Les Misérables with The Greenville Little Theatre. I also taught Spanish for a while. Helping others brings me great joy and watching my students learn and grow was priceless. Later on, I ventured into the world of real estate. Oh, the thrill of the sale and the excitement of only getting a commission and no benefits (I’m being a bit sarcastic).

How does coding fit into all this? Coding was the common thread that held all my experiences together. No matter what I was doing in life, coding was there. Whether I was coding my own personal site when I was performing and in real estate, using it as an analogy when I was teaching, setting up a Linux server at home or staying up all night learning javascript, coding was always there. So here I am now!

I'm a family man, too. I love my wife and our baby boy. I work hard for them. I think my love and dedication for them permeates what I do and I think my work reflects this. I love it when my baby boy watches me code. I have a feeling that he might drop a few lines of code before he learns how to walk.

My Journey

  • Matias Mariani Front-end developer
    2007 Graduated from Wofford College, Spartanburg, SC.
  • Matias Mariani Front-end developer
    2008-2010 Got my Master's in opera performance from The Boston Conservatory in Boston, M.A. Performed opera throughout the U.S until 2013.
  • Matias Mariani Front-end developer
    2013-2016 I was a recruiter for the School of Music at Converse College in Spartanburg, SC and sold all-brick homes for an awesome builder, Adams Homes, in Greenville, SC.
  • Matias Mariani Front-end developer
    2016 Attended The Iron Yard and completed their twelve-week intensive front-end engineering course.
  • Matias Mariani Front-end developer
    2017 Front-end & Back-end curriculum content developer.


I am a proud graduate of The Iron Yard and I have experience in creating responsive and great-looking websites and web applications. I use HTML, CSS and Javascript, along with Bootstrap, Backbone, and React to make them both stunning and functional.

Keeping things semantic is very important and HTML5 makes it easy and more user friendly. I'm passionate about styling and my go-to tech is CSS3 using SASS. Last, making things functional and cool is what keeps me up at night. I write JavaScript in ES5 and I'm begining to explore ES6. I like to keep things fast and seamless; that's why I like to use React and Backbone to create CRUD apps and manage data flow using RESTful APIs in order to keep things up-to-date. I'm thirsty for knowledge and staying up to date with these technologies is a must, so I'm always reading, coding and trying new things!


  • Matias Mariani Front-end developer HTML
  • Matias Mariani Front-end developer CSS
  • Matias Mariani Front-end developer JavaScript
  • Matias Mariani Front-end developer jQuery
  • Matias Mariani Front-end developer Bootstrap
  • Matias Mariani Front-end developer Backbone
  • Matias Mariani Front-end developer React
  • Matias Mariani Front-end developer Redux
  • Matias Mariani Front-end developer Node

Other Skills

My experience in performing, teaching and real estate helps me think outside the box and outside the box is where great things happen!

My background as a performer helps me tap into my creative side. Also, being part of an ensemble requires teamwork, solidarity and patience. My experience as a teacher helps with communicating, approaching things from many different angles, and documenting things thoroughly. Having had a successful career in real estate depended on active and careful listening, attention to detail, an eye for quality, communication skills and one other very special skill - asking for the sale!

Being a front-end engineer is not just about great coding skills, but it is very much the culmination of many other skill sets that enable one to create solutions to complex challenges.


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